Saturday, March 11, 2006

A productive weekend

The entire weekend was dedicated to scanning photographs and creating another blog for my old and current FOs. new blog

The nostalgic memories each picture brought back were mostly good and for an entire evening I was reminiscing about college, university, campus life, time spent with friends like Susan, courting days, cold winters, patterns from old magazines and the many many hours alone in my room knitting away.

A tinge of regret is felt when I realised there is not a single garment from those days left with me now. Most were donated to Oxfam to reduce luggage during the final packing trip home and except for the Aran cardigan that Estherie says she still treasures, there's nothing except memories and faded photographs.

Last week, two of YL's friends took up on my offer of knitting lessons and turned up equipped with "sticks" belonging to grandmas and grand aunts. Chris had a ball of recycled wool. Ed plans to knit himself a scarf before leaving for studies in Canada and Chris wants to knit her friend in US one too.

They started with 'knit' for an evening and 'purl' the next day. Surprisingly, Ed is quicker on the uptake and has a natural 'feel' for knitting. He left with several rows of k2P2 and I'll have to take them to a LYS for some 'proper' wool to start on their projects.

These are the 3 books that I refer to constantly and without a doubt, Knitting without Tears is my favourite.

The Knitting Stitch library is a hard cover bargain I picked up for less than US$ 8 in Penang.

Designs haven't changed much through the years, especially cotton Ts. The colours are just as vibrant.

For an idea of the age of this magazine page, note the pictures of Fergie and Prince Andrew's wedding on the left.

Two of the books I bought in Sydney last year. The FOs from these can be seen here


knitties said...

Hi Sally, I just discovered your blog! Your past and new FOs are beautiful :) I hope to see more of your projects and really hope to meet up soon!

Ruth said...

hi sally, i like your FO pictures - especially your sweater tops! i'm starting to get into more sweater projects =)

celia said...

HI Sally! I love the old pics:) Reminds me of pics from my parents' student days in Melbourne.