Sunday, July 09, 2006

Attempt at Lace

The Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud was ordered with Trellis (IK Spring 2006) in mind.

I came back down to earth very quickly while swatching; when I couldn't find an easier way to K7 together other than with the help of a crochet needle for a major section of the pattern. It's such a lovely design, there must be lots of KALs out there I could visit to find a way I guess.
Anyway, it's gone into my 'future projects' folder and perhaps I'll make another attempt when I'm more experienced with lace knitting. Had I stubbornly went on with Trellis I'm quite certain it will be set aside out of sheer frustration.

So it's now an easy Beginners 4 rows Feather & Fan pattern.
Hopefully it will grow up to be a 20"x 50" stole.

Here they are, my socks! They badly need a wash as I insisted on wearing the completed one while knitting the other. The excuse is I need measurements but really I'm admiring them whenever I put my feet up. The pair has been all over the house and shown off to whoever is not bored with hearing how comfortable they are and how warm they're going to keep me during my winter travels.

Pattern: combination of various, short row heel flap, Kitchener stitch toe

Yarn: Opal sock yarn, 75% superwash wool 25% polyamide

Skein: 75 gm, 319 m (3/4 of a 100g 425m sock yarn)

Needles: 2 mm


opportunityknits said...

Hooray you've completed your socks. I'm knitting wool socks for travel too - a tourist is out in the cold more than others and it is so difficult to buy warm socks here.

Mimi said...

Your socks looks very comfy and warm! ;) I like the the short lenght. I will see if my mother can teach me how to knit a pair.

Happy belated birthday!

fibersnob said...

They look great, love the colours!

mona said...

Love the socks Sally!! Next got to try toe-up :)

elisabetha said...

What cute socks!! I hope mine turns out as nice as yours. Thanks for visiting my bloggie, by the way! :)