Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sock making made easy..God is a great designer

I haven't got a pair to show yet, but want to show off my first attempt. So here it is, the first born!

I chose to play safe and knit for myself, and this darker yarn to start with as it will hide mistakes I might make along the way, but surprisingly there were no laddering and the much talked about 'gap' between the heel, cuff and instep does not exist. (small pat on the shoulders)

I learnt that, 'for the majority of us, the foot is exactly the length of your forearm from the base of your palm to the inside of your elbow'. Phew! what a relief. Isn't it much easier and polite to measure the hand rather then for someone to turn his/her foot out for measurements? It could be rather annoying when one is in need of a shower too!

And the length of our foot is about equal to the circumference at the widest part. All this trivia from sock knitting!

I believe God created us and all these 'coincidences' are not chance and evolution. Sock making made easy - because God is a great designer!


opportunityknits said...

It fits beautifully. I measured and found that my foot is longer than my forarm. Hehe, I have big feet :)

Barbara said...

Hey Sally,

I am only a beginner knitter, do you think I can tackle a sock. Socks are so practical, don't you agree? Maybe I'll make some pairs as Christmas presents!

Do I need to use some special yarn, yours looks lovely. Where did you buy that sock pattern? Where can I get it and how much would it cost?

Dove Knits said...

Wow, these are cool! They look tiger-striped. And I'm totally with you on God's design here. Plus, He designed us so well, we think we're doing it all ourselves :)

Dee said...

Your first sock is GREAT! I love the color of the yarn.

Anonymous said...
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Kathy said...

How true! God is the Great Designer.

I LOVE the greatauntie baby blanket. I am a greataunt Kathy times 3 now. Every one of them has a knitted gift from me or my daughter Allison.

Great blog