Saturday, July 15, 2006

What yarn budget?

Its that time of the year again - corporate budgeting and the pages and pages of justification and statistics to cook(knit?) up.
I wonder how much lighter my stash would be if I apply the same principles of budgeting at work to yarn purchases?? Let's put some Budget Challenge questions to the test.

Why do you need this amount and explain the project? project yet..on e-Bay...good reviews on Forum..

Can you postpone the project to next year?
NO! I want more sock yarn..lacewight..a discount.. it's so soooft...alpaca..never knitted with it...only 7 WIPs....can manage more

Is there a cheaper alternative?
Yes, but the acrylics....blah International deliveries....not the same as Noro....

Tell me about ROI (return on investment)
err...well..socks cost 4x...yes cheaper to buy..ahmm.. lost frogging man days?..FO? no deadline...

Come back with a 30% slash down
But...I need 10 skeins...long cables

Last year, I discovered a cheaper mosituriser (Olay Regenerist) that works wonders on my 'aging skin' and decided to switch from Creme de La Mer of which I had been swearing by for years. Now you see where I'm coming from, my savings yarn (pun intended)? Yearly cost difference between the creams pays for more yarn that I can ever knit in two!!
Now, what better lame excuse can anyone have to buy more yarn? I haven't thought of another for this year yet, anyway let me show off all my WIPs - only 3 !

Baby blanket - deadline August

Office casual - second sleeve in progress

Feather and Fan stole - 15" done

Sunday afternoon was spent on board the MV Doulos, a christian ship cum floating bookstore. The last time it berthed at Port Klang was 4 years ago. YL and her Youth Fellowship got to meet some of the crew at a concert and wanted so much to visit the ship. The queue was horrendous and it took us almost an hour to get on board.
I am a little disppointed that there were not many Craft books and none on Knitting but look what we got!


Ruth said...

your budget challenge questions (and answers) were hilarious... i would have crumbled from those questions too. =)

felinity said...

Aww, all your WIPs are so pretty! Good luck with your toe-up socks.

Barbara said...

Won't that blouse be kinda warm? Is there a special yarn that I can use for use in the tropics? Do you know of any LNS that sells these yarns?

So many lovely projects you have Sally! The blouse is kinda calling out to me :)