Monday, April 30, 2007

A yarn snob is impressed

This is going to be a super quick post because I can't wait to go back to this short sleeves Sahara and finish off the neckline.

I am enjoying this pattern and learning loads of new tricks from it and so, definitely a good buy. It begins with a provisional cast on at the back, no shoulder seams, then sleeves are picked up and knitted. A clever and really neat design.
Oh yes! and its knitted in Japanese acrylic that I reluctantly bought. The yarn snob that I am can't get over the fact that I'm actually very impressed with how the yarn knitted up, much softer than the past arylics I had worked with and good stitch definition. Yarn technology has progressed but my perceptions haven't, yet I am in the IT industry. (very embarrassing look..)

The cashmere laceweight arrived for Forest Path Stole and I am still having mixed feelings whether I really want to get into a 'killer project'? I'm so tempted to give this a miss and start on Sivia Harding's easier Gothic Leave Stole in a friendlier fingering yarn. (oops! Mona Regg will keep you girls posted)


Regg said...

Great that u like the yarn.
I share the same feel abt it too..soft and very light too ya.
hm..dont give up on FPS ya..very easy actually( when I can say so, u can imagine it is really easy)!

R a i n said...

Is that Peony yarn? Just throwing out a guess hehe.

Wow..kudos to you on starting the FPS!! Or have you changed your mind already to GLS? Heh, these abbreviations are such fun.

bluey said...

The color is nice. I never take a second look at this color until i saw what u have knitted. It changes my mind :)

FPS still be more fun as compared to GLS. But while maybe u can do both? *blink blink*